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Team Building and Workplace Engagement – What Tips Can We Get from Soccer?

by Dale Carnegie

June 11, 2014
It has been years of preparation and months of anticipation as the world anxiously awaits the World Cup. The excitement is palpable as thousands of fans will cheer for their country - today the World Cup begins.
There is no lack of talent in the World Cup, but it takes a team to win. Team success is critical in the workplace as well; these team member engagement tips from Dale Carnegie will show you how you can gain willing cooperation and create engagement.
Follow these Team Building and Engagement Tips below.
1. Set a Goal:
Like on a soccer team, all 11 players work together with one sole purpose - win the game. At the workplace show your team their goal, mission, and vision for their upcoming project. Ensure that the team is attuned and working towards one common purpose.
2. Assign a task:
Just like in a soccer game, where the forwards, mid-fielders, and the defenders have their own mission, set specific tasks for each individual on the team for the project. Team members need to synchronize their activities in order to reach the established team objectives.
3. Communicate and Engage:
Before a game the coach and the players sit down and discuss their plan of action. The team leaders and members need to communicate frequently and openly. Clear communication with your team members establishes direction and will speed the decision making process. Create engagement by encouraging team members to give input and share their opinions and make suggestions.
4. Cooperate:
As the midfielders not only help the defenders with their task, but also arrange scoring opportunities for the forwards, team members should help each other in order to achieve the ultimate goal. This will create an environment of mutual support.
5. Recognize:
Once the game has triumphantly ended all team members should gather and show appreciation to one another for their effort and achievement. By giving honest and sincere appreciation the achievement is recognized and shared throughout the team. Give the team members a fine reputation to live up to and they will be proud to have a great reputation within the organization.

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  1. SsaOory /

    haa... been through that many times as the one being asked for suhcdele...frankly, the deadline isn't determined by the workload. many times, decision and suhcdele have been made in the management level. being asked for the deadline is just a false democracy in which whatever deadline suggested by the asked gets thrown out the windows and then stuffed with a pre-determined date (with buffer to save the boss' ass) down the asked's throat.that's been my experience for all past five jobs....


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