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Sales Meetings: Making Your Sales Team More Agile Through Education

by Dale Carnegie

September 12, 2013
Sales meetings have numerous important elements such as, status updates, company news, employee recognition. One of the most important elements of a sales meeting that is sometimes overlooked is education. Sales people need to have a vast amount of knowledge so that they can be equipped to provide solutions in a clear an effective way. There are numerous ways to infuse your sales meetings with refreshers on products, sales techniques, and strategies. Here are some effective ways to include education into your sales meetings.
Demonstration – Demonstrate a product or service. Then coach someone through the process while everyone observes; have everyone practice.
Practice – Use case studies and real life examples. Call it "practice" instead of "role play". Remember practice makes permanent.
Invite a client – Bring a client to your meeting to discuss industry trends, needs, and challenges. It will help your sales person listen in a relaxed environment which will make trends easier to pick up while on a sales call.
Contest – Have a product knowledge quiz to reinforce general product knowledge. Ask questions and if the person responds accurately, they stay standing. The last person standing wins.
Review – Break down your sales process and train the team in small segments. Let your team take away one main idea from the education section of your sales meeting.
Continued education and product knowledge of your sales team is crucial to their success. Keep the education portion of the meetings fun and relaxed, yet challenging. Make sure that you are pushing people outside of their comfort zones.
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