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Energizing Yourself for Change

by Dale Carnegie

April 08, 2014
One of the challenging results of organizational change is that it can leave you feeling fatigued. All of your efforts are focused on new tasks, responsibilities, and relationships. Because of this, you need to look for strategies to maintain and even increase your personal energy during times of change.
Create a Vision
Nothing is more personally motivating than creating a compelling vision. Visualize yourself succeeding as a result of the changing times. Imagine the benefits of growing as a result of the change—creating new opportunities, building a more exciting and dynamic future, and opening up new opportunities for success.
List Opportunities
What are the opportunities presented by the change? Make a list of all the ways that you can grow, add new skills, meet influential people, and add valuable experience to your resumes.
Create Networks
It’s difficult to create energy in a vacuum. Most people need the stimulation of other individuals and their ideas, input, feedback, and support. Times of change offer an opportunity to add to the network of people who understand you, believe in you, and are willing to help you move forward.
Build Bridges
Organizational change normally involves the establishment of new relationships. Sometimes you resist these new relationships, especially if it involves a new supervisor or a perceived loss of your authority. Instead of retreating from the new relationship, draw energy from it by embracing it and building bridges between yourself and people you encounter. Meeting new people is usually highly energizing because it gives you the opportunity to find commonalities in your values and goals and in the creativity of collaboration.

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    I think it depends what sort of angry' I bmeoce. Sometimes, when I just react, it's probably the most beautiful argument/comeback/action/solution available to me. Others, it doesn't get to that level until I've had the day to think about it. Sometimes its just not worth the effort really!Picking your battles is a must, and the deep breath thing does work really well almost all the time. If someone's threatening something really important to you right in front of you though (as an example) its time to step up then and there.Hope that made some sort of sense lol..-= Heather s last blog .. =-.

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