Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Customer Service

Effective First Impressions

by Dale Carnegie

April 23, 2013

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  1. Ali /

    Moe!Love theme! Love it!My comment isn't visblie unless I highlight' it though. It's all black.Weird.Love the theme though.Very comfy.Noice.~mthe theme had it's problems..lots of them..nearly drove me nuts, which is a shame because i really loved it the comments was just one of several..only one sidebar.php file but 2 sidebars..wtf? i've spent the best part of the week working on it and couldn't get it right, so me, being me, went and found another one i mean, we all know me and themes right? this one is lighter {my new motto} easier to read not as cosy i'll admit, but i do like it all the same..if i can work the other one out, i'll reactivate it promise ok? Moe

  2. Harry /

    Dear John,It is my privilege to write you this note about your srcviee. After dealing with contractors, handymen, and real estate professionals all of my adult life (50 years), you are without a doubt the most customer srcviee oriented person I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. You literally got out of your bed with an injury to your body, causing you considerable pain, to come to my aid, one human being to another. You have my utmost gratitude and appreciation for going above-and-beyond the call of duty to perform a srcviee for me. Not only did you provide the srcviee I requested in the most professional and expeditious manner, you did it with such integrity and willingness to meet not only my current needs, but offer extended help if needed in the future.It is without reservation that I would whole heartedly recommend you and your srcviees to anyone wanting to inquire.With gratitude and blessings to you,Vivian I. Clarke

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