Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Team Member Engagement

Building Enthusiasm & Establishing Accountability with your Team

by Dale Carnegie

August 13, 2014
Generating personal and collaborative enthusiasm is one of the key ingredients of the team process and is essential to establishing our team.
Getting off to a fast start and then maintaining enthusiasm over time will reap results for the organization. A well functioning team is able to do this even when there are roadblocks and obstacles in their path.
Often the individuals on the team develop a tenacious determination to prove that the team can achieve the vision regardless of the barriers. Planning for roadblocks can give people courage to move forward and take risks.
Creating and launching teams is not something that can be accomplished casually. Research on airline cockpit crews shows that team functioning rather than mechanical problems, is the cause of most airline accidents. This is especially true when the team is first starting out.
There are critical points in the progress of a team when accountability can make or break a successful outcome. At the beginning stages of the team, deciding and implementing different methods of accountability can make the project or the plan seem fresh and interesting.
Ideas for accountability include:
• Team meetings
• Accountability partners
• Timelines
• Project plans
• Check sheets
• Virtual meetings
• Copying the team on all communication
• Training sessions

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