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Achieving Customer Commitment

by Dale Carnegie

June 03, 2014
When customers procrastinate their purchase decisions, even after you have successfully resolved all objections, use a Value Summary to restate the value of your solution, create a sense of urgency, and overcome delayed decisions.

Building a Value Summary

Remind yourself of what your buyers want (primary interest) and why they want it (dominant buying motive), then do these three things:
1. Remind your buyers that they are currently missing out on the benefit your solution can provide and get their agreement. Describe how your solution appeals to their dominant buying motive.
2. Remind your buyers that your solution will satisfy that need.
3. Paint a "word picture" of your buyers using your solution, enjoying it, and benefiting from it.

Guidelines for Value Summaries

• Be clear and concise
• Describe in the present tense
• Link your solution directly to the buyer's dominant buying motive
• Be believable and realistic
• Show examples of the buyer benefiting from your solution
• Appeal to the buyer's senses - sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell

Asking for Commitment

After you have presented your Value Summary, be ready to ask for a commitment - the "close." Consider the following methods:

Direction Question:

Often the best way to gain a buyer's commitment is to ask for it. Ask a direct question that calls for a decision.
"Are you ready to go ahead with this decision?"

Alternate Choice Method:

Ask the buyer to select one of two options.
"Would you like the K80 with the standard stock, or would you prefer to choose from our specialty line?"


Minor Point Method:

Ask the buyer to make a minor decision that indicates that the larger buying decision has already been made.
"In whose name should this title be drawn?"

Next Step Method:

Assume that the buyer has already committed and look ahead to the next step.
"When would you like for me to schedule the installation?"

Opportunity Method:

Present the buyer with a brief window of opportunity when options are available. This can be an effective method to use with a buyer who is ready to buy, but who is procrastinating the final decision.
"You know that our prices increase on September 1st. I know that you'd want to take advantage of these lower prices now, right?"

Weighing Method:

If the buyer still has second thoughts about making the purchase, show him or her how the return on investment outweighs the cost.
"Let's do what many people do when making a major decision. Let's weigh the ideas causing you to hesitate and the value you'll realize from going ahead."

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  1. Kups /

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